Equatorial Guinea

July 2014 - One of the toughest countries to visit let alone dive!


October 2014: In search of high altitude giant frog in Lake Titicaca

Christmas Islands

November 2014: Diving during giant red carb migration

Marquesas Islands French Polynesia: snorkel for hours with melon headed dolphins (pygmy orcas) in Nuku Hiva

Hani Faru Bay, Maalhosmadulu Atoll, Maldives Snorkel and dive amidst dozens of pirouetting mantas who compete with whale sharks for krill. A photographer’s wet dream.

Pacific Harbor, Fiji: Rated the best shark dive in the world for a reason

Pre- Continent II, Port Sudan, Sudan Jacques Cousteau set out to prove that people could live underwater by building an underwater habitat close to this Red Sea port in 1963

SS Coolidge, Santo, Vanuatu: You descend into the abyss with your lights off just as dusk turns to night. You can make out some dark shadows of the ship but your ears will let you know you are descending deep–to 135 feet
Thingvellir, Iceland: Dive in a crack between the American and European continents and watch the fantastic play of light through caverns in waters so clear you can see 100 meters or more
Ponte Dei Salti, Versasca, Switzerland: The waters of the Versasca river are so clear you can see the famous double arched stone bridge above you while you dive.

Truk Lagoon, Truk, Micronesia: Bikini, Grenada and Scapa Flow have bigger wrecks, but Truk’s wrecks can easily be navigated on a single dive

SS Coolidge, Santo, Vanuatu: Scale, depth and artifacts, the Coolidge has it all. And it’s easily accessible both in terms of location (just a short swim from a beach) and for all experience levels.
Mambo or Likoma Islands, Lake Malawi, Malawi: Seas will always have the edge over lakes when it comes to corals, color or variety of critters, but Africa’s third largest lake is one of the most relaxing places in the world to dive.
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