Best Night Dive


Karin Sinniger looking through Binoculars underwater

The dive magazines are on the money when they wax lyrical about Fujimara in Truk, Town Pier in Bonaire and Navy Pier in Exmouth, Western Australia. But these two night dives rank among my top dive experiences:

Pre- Continent II, Port Sudan, Sudan: 

Jacques Cousteau set out to prove that people could live underwater by building an underwater  habitat close to  this Red Sea port in 1963. Switch off your dive light on a moonlit night and touch history as you gaze at the habitat and nearby toolshed and garage with a few curious sharks for company.

SS Coolidge, Santo, Vanuatu:

You descend into the abyss with your lights off just as dusk turns to night. You can make out some dark shadows of the ship but your ears will let you know you are descending deep–to 135 feet. From the bridge, watch millions of green flashlight fish leap about and act like fire flies in outer space until they spill out from the cargo holds and bow into the open sea and disappear. A magical moment you’ll want to hold to forever