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Cat Fish at Mumbo Island

Fisherman at night

Fisherman at sunset

Mambo or Likoma Islands, Lake Malawi, Malawi: Seas will always have the edge over lakes when it comes to corals, color or variety of critters, but Africa’s third largest lake is one of the most relaxing places in the world to dive. Waters are clear, warm and teeming with huge catfish (1-2 meters), fighting crabs and brightly colored cichlid fish that are popular for aquariums. The sound of waves lapping the golden shore will lull you to sleep and you will wake to the sound of women doing their laundry along the lake shore and fishermen returning with their catch. Electricity is still rare so you can witness a centuries old way of life, but comfy and well priced eco lodges mean you don’t need to sacrifice comfort. Finally, the Malawians are so friendly their country is known as the “warm heart of Africa”.