Best Wild Life Encounters

Karin Astride a Croc Shaking Hands

Whale Sharke

Whale Shark and Manta

Open Mouth Plankton

Marquesas Islands: French Polynesia: snorkel for hours with melon headed dolphins (pygmy orcas) in Nuku Hiva.

Hani Faru Bay, Maalhosmadulu Atoll, Maldives:  Snorkel and dive amidst dozens of pirouetting mantas who compete with whale sharks for krill. A photographer’s wet dream.

Pacific Harbor, Fiji:  Rated the best shark dive in the world for a reason. See seven different species of sharks (tiger, bull, silvertip, black tip, white tip, lemon, nurse) on your two tank dive. You are invited in close to the action and can even stroke the sharks as they grab the bait with unerring accuracy. Aquatrek, one of the two operators running these dives, offers a PADI shark diver specialty which will make you more aware of the plight of these endangered animals and their crucial role in keeping the reefs healthy.