Best Wreck Dives

Land Diver in Air

Karin Mails Postcard Underwater

Truk Lagoon, Truk, Micronesia:

Bikini, Grenada and Scapa Flow have bigger wrecks, but Truk’s wrecks can easily be navigated on a  single dive and the Japanese sake cups, medicine bottles, bicycles, telephones and even  zero fighters and tanks make you feel like you have dived into history and been transported back to the 1940s.

SS Coolidge, Santo, Vanuatu: 

Scale, depth and artifacts, the Coolidge has it all. And it’s easily accessible both in terms of location (just a short swim from a beach) and for all experience levels. Pick a dive from 66 to 231 feet (20-70 meters) on the mammoth 654 foot ship. You can dive tech if you want to, but most divers stick to 110 cubic foot tanks and pony bottles for deep dives. Personalized dive-guiding means that you keep the same dive guide for the length of your stay and will rarely dive with more than one other diver. Just tell your dive guide what floats your boat and then dive it.